When breath becomes a song Sep 2022When breath is translated into sound it frees our most intimate essence

When breath becomes a song


Breathing is a wonderful and complex bodily automatism that occurs without conscious control. Becoming aware of the mechanisms that regulate our breath and improving its effectiveness, can bring enormous benefits to body and mind.

Because when the breath is translated into sound, it frees our most intimate and magical essence.

The voice is in fact one of the most powerful expressive tools that the human being possesses: it is able to reach the heart of our humanity and, in the song as a whole, of our being a community.

Knowledge of one's physical and vocal characteristics represent an important part of the path that everyone can undertake in self-knowledge.

The workshop

The workshop, which will last three days, is aimed at anyone who wants to strengthen their breathing skills and discover their voice. It is not necessary to have musical or vocal knowledge, but it is enough to have an affinity with music.

Each session lasting about two hours, will take place in the morning and afternoon, and the study will be organized as follows:


  • Body posture
  • Breathing: Vocal heating with simple collective and individual vocalizations


  • Study of easy muscial pieces



Outside workshop hours you can choose to relax at the pool, take a walk, simply do nothing or choose one of our optional programme elements:

  • Morning Yoga with focus on breathing
  • Meditation
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Excursion to sacred etruscan sites
  • Guided walks


Breakfast, lunch and dinner is being served on the terrace or inside the villa, prepared with natural, local and healthy ingredients. We cater to any dietary requirements.


Over de trainer

Lucia Napoli

Lucia Napoli

Lucia Napoli is graduated in singing and violin with honours. She is now one of the most appreciated performer of Baroque repertoire  and she sings in the most important European, Asian and American festivals; Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, Yokohama Opera City Concert Hall, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Kölner Philarmonie, Musikfest Bremen, Festival Cervantino Guanajuato, White Light Festival Lincoln Center New York, etc.

She is the soloist of the most famous Italian and European early music ensembles like La Petite Bande, Divino Sospiro, Ensemble Arte Musica, Accademia Hermans, De Labyrintho, Concerto Romano, RossoPorpora and il Dolce Conforto.

Through her lessons she communicates the importance of music in life and its immense expressive power. Inside every sound is hidden a universe…