Fresco painting July 2022A five-day workshop to get closer to the secrets of one of the most majestic pictorial techniques



Fresco painting

A workshop on fresco painting in the center of Italy is a wonderful opportunity.
A chance to relive the distant atmosphere of the “Botteghe d’Arte” of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


   A very special book will accompany us during the theoretical part: “Il Libro d’Arte” by the Florentine painter Cennino Cennini (1370 - 1427). It is the first art book that deals with various techniques in depth. Written in ancient Italian (and translated in more than ten languages), it describes the knowledge of pigments, the production of tools, techniques of oil painting, fresco painting and miniatures. It also offers advice and secrets from the “Botteghe d’Arte” of medieval Florence.


The programme

In "our Bottega d’Arte" we will make pigments, get to know their history and experiment, following the medieval technique. 

In the afternoon, each participant devotes him/herself to creating a personal fresco that he / she can take home at the end of the course.



Previous knowledge is not required; it is enough to be curious and enthusiastic to make a new encounter with an old technique.




Plan your arrival for 3rd of July. We start with welcome drinks and dinner around 19:00 pm.
The following five days consist of morning and afternoon workshops, closing at 17:00 on 8th of July.



Over de trainer

Saskia Hélène Menting

Saskia Hélène Menting

Saskia, born in Holland, spent her childhood and study time in Switzerland. Her passion for art led her to Italy, which became her adopted home, where she now works as an art teacher at an international school. She also collaborates with museums and libraries, holding art-workshops . Colours, in all their tones and shades, are important in Saskia’s life; be it in nature, in a painting or with a good meal. The basic substance of every available colour is pigment powder. Each pigment has a name and a fascinating story… 

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