Stones and Yoga June 2022The perfect combination of stone sculpting and yoga

     Stones and Yoga

Being an artist and a yogi, Regula Zwicky has always found that stone sculpting and yoga combined can open new ways to center body and mind .

When developing your stone sculpting practice you emerge deeply into experiencing and transforming the actual physical material. The more centred your posture and mind, the more fluid and harmonious the interaction between heart, hands, tools and stone.

Anja Wolf will guide you in deepening your yoga practice at the same time, in order to both extend your body- and mindfulness and offer a way to stretch and relax your muscles after the physical work of sculpting. 

The workshop

Stone sculpting: Under the expert guidance of artist Regula Zwicky you create your piece of art or practical object out of local tuff stone or sand stone. Maybe you are inspired to transform a yoga posture into stone...


Yoga: Anja Wolf will guide you to deepen your yoga practice (with none or any level of experience) in morning and afternoon sessions, centering body and mind. blending between sculpturing and yoga.


The programme 

Day 01 : Arrival in the morning. Light lunch. Introduction to stones. Stone sculpting. Yoga. Dinner

Day 02 to 04: Early morning yoga. Delicious breakfast. Stone sculpting workshop before and after lunch. Light lunch, Yoga before dinner. Dinner.

Day 05: Early morning yoga. Delicious breakfast. Stone sculpting workshop. Closing lunch.


Over de trainers

Regula Zwicky

Regula Zwicky

Regula Zwicky born in 1963, stone sculptor, has a fine sensitivity for the uniqueness of the stones. She shows stone as stone and lends it a soft almost textile like surface. Each object she creates holds a very unique subtle poetry.

Anja Wolf

Anja Wolf

Anja's Yoga path began when she was 14 years old and led her through different yoga styles, a four-year yoga teacher training course in 2008 and to her degree as a yoga teacher.

Regular further education has always filled her own path and her teaching with new impulses and profound insights. Health advisor for back, feet and joints.Yoga of energy. Fascia Yoga. Meditation. Philosophy of Yoga. Currently Yoga in therapy.

Anja in her own words: "Since then my life and yoga classes have developed along a holistic path on a physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I feel deeply touched in my heart, powerfully uplifted and a deep gratitude. It is always fascinating and enchanting to see which spaces open up through Yoga."