Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax

La Montagnola Retreat

A peaceful place that simply feeds by pure, beautiful nature, simple and honest architecture, delicious local food, well chosen treatments and activities.

Situated between Siena and Rome, La Montagnola Retreat is set high above Lake Bolsena with stunning views over the entire lake and the mountains in the distance. A beautiful Italian villa with pool and wonderful gardens within nine hectar pure nature. A place to calm down and to feed body, mind and soul with new energy.

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A beautiful relaxing place in the heart of Italy

Our concept

If you choose to come on your own, as a couple, family or as a group of friends, let us create your ideal combination of accommodation, meals and activities.

You have the choice of complete privacy or to mingle with other guests. The villa features a gorgeous private apartment for four, tastefully designed and generously equipped with a large private terrace and a private path to the pool area. The main villa is run as an open house with beautiful rooms including private and shared bathrooms. The beautiful living room and library with open fire place is available to everyone.

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The silence of nature is very real. It surrounds you, you can feel it

A great location situated in a beautiful region

La Montagnola lies high above Lake Bolsena, one of Europe's cleanest and clearest lakes. It is situated in Lazio, just across the border from both Tuscany and Umbria.

The surrounding nature is simple and pure with a mix of forest and agricultural land with mainly olive trees, vineyards and sheep. The area is extremely rich in Etruscian and Roman history. With mainly villages the pace of life is slow and personal. The food is natural, pure and delicious.

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About Us

We have had a dream for many years

Creating a place where people can step back and relax. A context that gives people time and space for what they find essential. Time and space for recreation of body and mind. Not a "wellness hotel", not a meditation retreat. A place that simply feeds by peacefulness, pure, beautiful nature, simple and honest architecture, delicious local food and well chosen treatments and activities. After a ten year journey we have found this place: This is a dream come true for us. Being able to share such beauty of nature and such purity of rural Italy. Being able to share this unique place we are fortunate to call our home with our guests. Looking forward to welcoming you here!


Stefan & Sabine

Portrait Sabine


When it was time to change and realize her believes in a new context, Sabine left corporate life, working in change management for large companies, to dedicate her full attention to La Montagnola Retreat and her guests. She is also trained as a professional thai yoga massage therapist - adding a wonderful element to the relaxation options at the retreat.

Portrait Stefan


Has decided to leave his work as a dentist to fully focus on La Montagnola. He is very passionate about preserving nature and local culture and to share the beauty of the surrounding, the unknown places and stories with our guests.

From our guests

We cannot think of nicer compliments..

  • "When you open the window here, silence comes in"
  • "Arriving, feeling good, letting go - thank you"
  • "The amazing view and the continuously changing colours have deeply impressed us"
  • "A place to just simply stay"
  • "A gorgeous place with the best view ever. We definitely will come back."

About the house


La Montagnola Retreat has a long history in the area, having been a school, a restaurant and a home throughout generations.